Sunday, March 1, 2020


For this month with it being the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere I thought I would create a flower themed kit to share.

During my courtship with my husband we would exchange letters and love notes. One time I used pretty paper on which there were flowers so I included in my note Matthew 6:28.  My dear sweetheart thought I was telling him the message that he had too much concern for his clothing which was far from the truth as his wardrobe was very minimal.  So I need to help him understand I just wanted to share a scripture that spoke about the beauty of flowers.

I hope you enjoy my template and kit.  I have carried over the Lilac colour from the Friendship kit so some of the papers and elements will work together.

You can download the 12 x 12 template HERE
and the Letter Size template HERE

You can download this kit HERE

Saturday, February 1, 2020

February 2020 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train - Delish

For this blog train at Pixel Scrapper I have created a set of two alphas with numbers  and most symbols included.

You can download the patterned alpha HERE
and the Red alpha HERE

Friendship - Proverbs 27:9

Most of the time when we think of February we think of Valentine's Day with lots of red hearts etc.
I decided for my kit to give away this month I would concentrate on a different form of love - not romantic love - friendship love.

I hope you all enjoy what I have created and I carried over one colour from last month's "New"  Kit which is the pale aqua green so some papers and elements you may be able to  use on the same  page you are creating.  I plan on carrying over a colour from this month to what I design for March.

Here is the template I created:
You can download the 12 x 12 template HERE
or the Letter size template HERE 
You can download this kit HERE


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

January 2020 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train - Sweaters and Hot Cocoa

For the first time I am taking part in the Blog Train organised over at Pixel Scrapper.

This is the template I designed for this month:
You can download the 12 x 12 template HERE
and the Letter Size template HERE

Here is a page I created with my template and a mini kit created by Crafty Moose who has also taken part in this blog train.

Now to find all the other mini kits, alpha kits etc created for this Blog Train you will need to visit Pixel Scrapper HERE

New - 2 Corinthians 5:17

"If anyone belongs to Christ, then he is made new. The old things have gone; everything is made new.  2 Corinthians 5:17 (ICB) "

This is the start of a new year and the start of me doing something new as I am no longer taking part in the We Believe Blog Train.   I am aiming to make each of my mini kits  slightly larger. Instead of 7 papers I have 9 because you will not have other kits to download from other designers to mix and match with. Also I plan to carry over one colour from each month to the next. When February comes you will find I have included the same very pale green that I have used this month. That way some papers will coordinate for you. Then the plan is to carry over a different colour from February to March.

Even if I only have a handful of people visit my blog and download what I create I will be content that I have at least shared something with someone.  I pray that what I design will be a blessing to those who use my papers and embellishments on their memory pages or their Scripture artwork.

Here is the template I designed for this month:
You can download the 12 x 12 size HERE
and the Letter size  HERE
For those who use Artisan software I no longer include the Page file as I was informed that I should not be doing that so I have included the instructions of how to use the PNG files.
Here is my mini kit:
You can download this mini kit  Embellishments HERE
and Papers HERE

I do hope you enjoy what I have designed and you will visit my blog each month to see what I have created for giving away. I will never be a paid designer as I did try it once and it took away too much time from  my own scrapbooking.


Monday, December 30, 2019

Calendar Template

I decided to make my own calendar template for a challenge I take part in each year at Oh Snap Lets Scrap. We create a calendar for the following year which for 2020 we will be making calendar pages for 2021. I enjoyed creating the template and decided I would share it here on  my blog for anyone who might enjoy using it. 

You can download the 12x12 template  HERE
and the Lettersize template HERE
For those who use Artisan program I have included 
instructions for how to use the included PNG files
to convert to a Page file.
Here is my January page for 2021:
Credits for the digital products I used: White paper come from Blank Canvas by Susie Roberts
Style on pink papers - Cardstock by Syndee Rogers
Butterfly from Scenic Route by Angie Briggs
( all these designers sell their products at Scrap Girls)
The photo is one I took January 2019 of carnations grown by my husband.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

We Believe Blog Train - December 2019 - Wrapped

This month it was my turn to choose the colours and theme. I hope you all enjoy my choice as I enjoyed creating my template and kit.

The reason I chose "Wrapped" for this month's theme was because of Jesus coming into our world as a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths. The best Christmas sermon I have ever heard was one that a preacher spoke about us looking at "what is our lives wrapped up in?" It made me stop and think and it still does. I sometimes get carried about with the ways of the world and forget that I must not let those things be what my life is wrapped in.  I need to have my life wrapped with Jesus and His love and His will for my life.

Sadly in a way, this will be my last time of taking part in the We Believe Blog Train. I have been the organiser of this blog train for nearly 7 years.  For personal reasons I am closing my Facebook account and because the Blog Train is organised within a Facebook group I can no longer be part of it.

For those who enjoy using my designs, I will continue creating Christian/scripture based kits and will hopefully be sharing a template and mini kit each month on the first of the month. I also plan on taking part in the blog train organised by Pixel Scrappers which happens on the first of each month. For that blog train I plan on creating either a template or alphas. So on the first of the month or at least early in the month,  please visit my blog and see what I am giving away.  I think if you become a follower of my blog you are notified when I share something new.

My prayer for all those who visit my blog is that at this Season of the year you are blessed with happiness, good health and peace ( the peace that only knowing Jesus can bring you).  

Here is my template and mini kit for December:
You can download the 12 x12 template HERE
and the Letter Size template HERE

You can download this mini kit HERE
Now please enjoy your journey on this Blog Train remembering we come from different parts of the world so not all blogs may be ready.