Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is 20th January 2009 and at long last I am making a start to a blog for sharing my digital scrapbooking.
I have template to create my own header which I will get around to doing one day soon.
This is fairly new to me as the other two blogs I have I did not do much on those but this one I want to set up properly and have links to my favourite designers and stores etc.

I share my layouts on quite a few forum galleries and will possibly share which ones.
Today I had an exciting happening as one of my recent layouts was chosen for "Made You Look Mondays" on the Faith Sisters Blog. I did not think I would be ever good enough for that as those scrappers are all so very talented. I will share this and another one chosen two weeks ago once I get this blog set up properly.

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  1. Oh Anne Marie!! I am so happy you have a blog started now!! You are so talented, and I will be happy to see all that you create!! I need to make a blog layout, but I am a horrible scrapper. I am still trying to learn, and I am sure it will take time! Hope you are doing well!!


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