Monday, October 19, 2020

Mistake in June 2020 kit - Father

 My kit I shared in June with the title "Father" has a mistake in the word art scripture so you go HERE

and download again the whole kit or copy the PNG image of the corrected word art   to save to your computer.


Thursday, October 15, 2020

October 2020 - We Believe Blog Train - Peaceful Harvest

 Thankyou to all those who take the time to leave a comment. It is much appreciated.

This month we have the theme of Peaceful Harvest  with the scripture James 3:18 chosen by the designer - Sunny who is no longer taking part in our Blog Train.

The scritpure James 3:18 is worded so well in the Contemporary English Bible:

Those who make peace sow the seeds of justice by their peaceful acts.

We hear so much bad news on our televisions and radios these days. So much violence is happening in the world. But truthfully.... we can all do our part and sow a seed of justice like this scripture states. We need to live our lives in a right relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ so that we can know His peace and then share it with others.  

I hope to enjoy the kit and template I created for this month:

You can download the 12x12 size template HERE
or the Lettersize template HERE

You can download this mini kit HERE

Now I hope you enjoy the remainder of your journey on out blog train:

We Believe Blog Page

A-M Designs  ( you are here)

Thursday, October 1, 2020

October 2020 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train - Denim and Lace

 We are not given a specific theme for the monthly trains but are given a color palette to work with. The one for this month also included the suggestion of Denim Jeans so I decide to create the kit I have. There are other designers on this train that have also worked with the denim theme.

I do hope you all enjoy what I have designed.

You can download this mini kit HERE

Remember you need to revisit the Pixel Scrapper's forum to be directed to all the other designer's blogs.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Mountains - Isaiah 54:10

 For this month I wanted to create a kit with an outdoor theme so I chose the theme of "Mountains". I found a great scripture to use for my scripture word art which I hope you all enjoy.

I will continue to have a template each month but as of November ( next month) I will not have the sized kit I have been giving away. I came to this decision because I have rejoined the We Believe Blog Train.  I will share one or two of the mini kits I created during the year for Challenge bonuses at Oh Snap Lets Scrap. 

Next year, possibly I will share each month the mini kit I will create for Oh Snap Lets Scrap's bonus for taking part in the Slow Scrap Challenge from the month before.  

Here is this months kit:

You can download this kit HERE

You can download the 12 x 12 template HERE
or the Lettersize template HERE

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

September 2020 - We Believe Blog Train - You Will Be Saved

 This month's theme and colours were chosen by a new member to the team - Susan.

I hope enjoy what we have all created.

My kit:

You can download this HERE

My Template:

You can download the 12 x 12 template HERE

and the Lettersize template HERE 

 I hope you enjoy your travels along the rest of the blog train remembering we live in different parts of the world so not  blogs may be ready at the same time.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Leaf - Proverbs 11:28

 As I have returned to taking part in the We Believe Blog Train, I will only create these monthly kits of my own, until the end of the year. Next year I possibly will either stop doing these or do them every second  month. 

This month I chose the theme of "Leaf" with it being fall/autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. 

It is true that we are like a leaf that does fade and dies. Our bodies do deteriorate and eventually turn back to the dust God created them from in the beginning ( Genesis 2:7). But our soul goes on forever and forever is a very long time! (Matthew 10:28). My prayer for those who visit this blog is that your soul has been made right with God in a faith  filled relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the only one who saves our souls. 

( I just realised that I did not use the scripture about the leaf fading in this kit. That verse is Isaiah 64:6 which I used in a previous kit I designed for a blog train some years ago which you can find HERE  - the link should still be active. At the end of this blog posting I will share an Art Journal page I created using the word art from that kit which is for a challenge I host at Ginger Scraps).  

I hope you enjoy the small kit I created and the template.

You can download this kit HERE

You can download the 12 x 12 template HERE

and the Letter Size template HERE


Here is my artjournal page:


Pixel Scrapper Blog Train for September 2020


With this train the designers can choose whatever theme they want from the suggested list or anything else they desire to create. The same colour palette is used by all designers with some choosing just a few of the colours which is what I have chosen to do.  Someone else on the train chose to do a desert themed kit so I have done the same. I hope you enjoy what I created as I had fun putting this small kit together. 

To find the other participants in this train you will need to go to the Pixel Scrapper forum HERE

Here is my small Kit:

 You can download this kit HERE