Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is a photo I just took in our backyard showing the heavy winterly clouds ( yes it is winter here in Australia ). Today has been one of those days that it has stayed just about the same temperature all day.


  1. rain's coming!
    great shot, just the same!

    ...come and check out my Wordless and Watery Wednesday if you find the time!

    have a beautiful day!


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  2. winter already? i was in aussie for autumn :) great place.. can't wait to go back for another holiday.

    thanks for dropping by my side

  3. Fabulous photo. Love that sky so dramatic

  4. Seeing this pic makes me think that summer is short. Good and vivid shot. Really winter in your place.

  5. Looked like that here, too, most of today. Very cold and dismal, but good if you were inside :) Hopefully we will see a bit of snow before Friday's Chat ;)

  6. Winter! Oh, you have my sympathies. I'm so glad to have winter OVER here on this side of the globe.

    Thank you for visiting my page. I really appreciate it. I love visitors!

  7. I could use a bit of coolness right now.


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