Monday, August 31, 2020

Leaf - Proverbs 11:28

 As I have returned to taking part in the We Believe Blog Train, I will only create these monthly kits of my own, until the end of the year. Next year I possibly will either stop doing these or do them every second  month. 

This month I chose the theme of "Leaf" with it being fall/autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. 

It is true that we are like a leaf that does fade and dies. Our bodies do deteriorate and eventually turn back to the dust God created them from in the beginning ( Genesis 2:7). But our soul goes on forever and forever is a very long time! (Matthew 10:28). My prayer for those who visit this blog is that your soul has been made right with God in a faith  filled relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the only one who saves our souls. 

( I just realised that I did not use the scripture about the leaf fading in this kit. That verse is Isaiah 64:6 which I used in a previous kit I designed for a blog train some years ago which you can find HERE  - the link should still be active. At the end of this blog posting I will share an Art Journal page I created using the word art from that kit which is for a challenge I host at Ginger Scraps).  

I hope you enjoy the small kit I created and the template.

You can download this kit HERE

You can download the 12 x 12 template HERE

and the Letter Size template HERE


Here is my artjournal page:



  1. Великолепный набор! Большое спасибо!

  2. Gorgeous kit and templates. Thank you for these. You art journal page touched my heart

  3. Thank you! I love the page that you made and downloaded a copy of it for inspiration. :)


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